Marco Dellabianca

Marco Dellabianca

School director and teacher

Marco starts doing circus during the high school years. He enters the Piccola Scuola di Circo in Milan as a student and then he becomes a teacher in 2006. He deepens the research on the potentiality of the body at the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Milan, where he graduates in 2010 with a dissertation on hand-to-hand and proprioception. 

In 2011 he founds Quattrox4 together with Filippo Malerba, Clara Storti, Elisa Angioni and Marco Dellabianca, which is a great occasion for him to develop his skills in the circus disciplines. He is interested in training and professional development of teachers. Marco joins the team of SFERA, a project for the development of social/educational circus. In 2018 he is the coordinator of a Masterclass of Contemporary Circus for the actors of Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan.

With a diverse knowledge in circus skills, he specialises in Chinese pole and acrobalance through workshops and seminars with important artists such as Anna Pascual, Paolo Locci, Marianna Boldini, Ola Gilmaker, Daniele Sorisi, Erika Bettin, Jordie Serra y Baleri, Nikolas Van Corven, Giulio Lanfranco, Elena Bosco.

Throughout the years Marco works with Alessandro Maida and Civilleri/Lo Sicco, where he better develops the potentiality of circus as a language.

In 2012 he gets licensed for using DPI on height, third category. in 2014 he got the KONG patent for riggers. 

Apart from circus he joins the Dojo of Akikai Milano, where he studies Aikido according to Master Fujimoto.

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Kids tamer 100%
Morning boy 9%
Multitasking next level 81%
Aikido 60%
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