Elisa Angioni

Elisa Angioni

School coordinator and handstand teacher

At a very young age Elisa Angioni starts gymnastics on a professional level and she specialises in floor work. After teaching gymnastics at Ginnastica Lario in Fino Mornasco (Como), she moves to Milan and discovers contemporary circus focusing on handstands, acrobatics and roue Cyr. She dives into circus through intensive workshops with Pascal Angelier, Anna Pascual, Paolo Locci and Olger Caci. She also spends some time at Escuela La Tarumba in Lima (Perù).

She studied with Roberto Magro and Civilleri/Lo Sicco. In 2008 she co-founded Circontact Company and worked with Marco Silvestri,  Ivan Manzoni and Firenza Guidi. As a performer she took part in Che tempo che fa. 

She is one of the four founders of Quattrox4.

In 2016 she graduates in pedagogics at the University Bicocca with a dissertation on social circus and the importance of experiential learning in the circus disciplines.

Since 2015 she teaches circus to children and adults, thus developing her own methodology especially in handstands.

In depth…

Handstands 91%
Social media 19%
The sacred art of cooking 94%
Espresso 100%
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